New York Times: Chef Tony Maws

Tony Maws

Super Chef read with interest the recent New York Times article, When One Kitchen Isn’t Enough by Brett Anderson. It runs over the arguments made by chefs profiled in Super Chef over a decade ago. All of the chefs profiled in the book had opened multiple restaurants, many of them were more casual, but not all. They gave similar arguments for opening multiple venues as in the article: better margins, more publicity, offering opportunity to trained staff, and providing another outlet for loyal clientele. Anderson profiles on Boston Chef Tony Maws who recently opened another restaurant:

He said the extra revenue he expects Kirkland Tap[and Trotter] to generate allowed him to install Carl Dooley as Craigie’s [On Main] first chef de cuisine, and he tapped his longtime lieutenant, Danny Scampoli, for the same job at the new restaurant.

Looking forward, does the fact that Maws agreed to the article speak to further expansion and potential for media, such as TV exposure or book deals? Wait and see.

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