Autumn Treat: Peak Yogurt

Chris Sims and Peak triple-fat yogurt

Recent news of the dangers of eating too much red meat and processed meat (click here for the BBC’s useful summary) got Super Chef looking for some alternative — like new yogurt.

Peak like any yogurt won’t take the place of meat, but it is a healthy indulgence that might soften the blow of bacon and salami withdrawal. Peak is a triple-fat, no-sugar-added, organic yogurt made from grass fed cows’ milk. It has just launched an Indiegogo funding campaign to bring it to market.

What does triple-fat mean?

Whole milk and thus whole milk yogurts contain equal amounts of milk fat and protein (about 3.5% of each). Peak yogurt has 18% milk fat in their Greek-style yogurt and 12% in their regular. Peak is raising funds to produce the Greek version and plans a retail launch of both in 2016.

According to founder, Evan Sims:

My Greek is the most differentiated from other products. The normal heavy, pasty, almost chalky characteristics of a typical Greek are completely absent. The difference is as dramatic as that between Brillat-Savarin and aged Vermont cheddar.

What do chefs think about Peak? Jeff Newman, R&D Chef, The Culinary Edge, Former Chef de Cuisine, Cotogna, San Francisco, writes:

Evan’s yogurt is a welcome anomaly among dairy products. It lands in an untaken middle ground. It has the twang of Greek yogurt, the lusciousness of sour cream, and the silky mouth feel of crème fraîche. I’ve used it with great success as a substitute for all of the above: mounted into purees and sauces, as a base for creamy dressing and dips, and as its own component on a plate. I’ve also devoured my fair share of it as is, greedily dipping a spoon into a pint container late at night as I look into my fridge at home deciding what to cook.

Caviar, blinis, and Peak?

Turkish stewed quince and a dollop of Peak?

Spiced winter squash and a swirl of Peak?

Cucumber, dill, and Peak?

The list could go on and on.

Click here to find out more about Peak and the Indiegogo campaign that runs through November 13, 2015.

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