Valentine’s Day: FoodFilms in Portland ME

How’s this for an outstanding Valentine’s Day treat?

Take your love out to see a movie!

Oh, but not just any flick.

Film Foodie loves need Foodie films.

How about Chocolat with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp?

And don’t go out just anywhere.

Try somewhere secluded yet exotic, like… Portland, Maine??!!

That’s right.

Deep in the heart of Portland, ME, lurks the FoodFilms Festival, where Foodie Film lovers can feast on the food of chef Leslie Oster of Aurora Provisions, followed by the chocolate of Dean’s Sweets.

The festival, organized by Rabelais Books, the Maine Institute of Food & Drink and One Longfellow Square, presents a classic Foodie Film, paired with a meal inspired by the film, prepared by a local chef.

Samantha Lindgren of Rabelais Books told Super Chef that this is festival’s third season. The doors open at 6:00 PM, and guests share tables. Over a glass of wine and a first course, you can watch short films thematically related to the main film. Then, a second course is served, and the chef of the evening talks about the impact of the film on the menu and takes questions from the audience. Finally, the main film is shown, followed by dessert. In this case, chocolates perfect for Valentine’s Day.

If you can’t get a flight to Portland in time for Valentine’s Day, try March 7th for the film Delicatessen with a menu by Bar Lola or April 11th for Like Water for Chocolate with a menu by El Rayo.

The next FoodFilm series starts in September. To learn more, click here.

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