Gordon Ramsay Sells to All3Media

When BP faced huge loss as a result of the Gulf oil spill, it sold assets.

Gordon Ramsay is doing the same thing: selling out.

All3Media, a top UK independent TV production group, has purchased the production company Optomen and One Potato Two Potato, 50% owned by Gordon and 50% by Optomen.

All3Media’s press released called the sale of One Potato Two Potato “a coup for Gordon Ramsay.”

The press release quoted Gordo as saying:

I’m very happy to be joining ALL3MEDIA and look forward to growing One Potato Two Potato in the UK and in America. Twenty years of working in kitchens has taught me that success is always a team effort, and with the help of the team at ALL3MEDIA I’m confident we can take things to the next level and soon reach three potato, four potato and more.

“Four” seems to be the magic number–more like “forty,” that is: the deal is worth some 40 million pounds — and gets Gordon a couple million for himself over the next few years, according to the Guardian — as long as he hits viewership targets.

One Potato Two Potato makes The F Word, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, and MasterChef.

The deal will help Gordon dig out of a financial quagmire that is partly a result of the global economic slowdown.

One thing the deal does underscore -– the more attractive part of Gordon’s empire is his television properties, not his restaurants.

Press release:

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