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What do you do after you found and publish Spin and Gear? You publish Viaggio, Mario Batali‘s new magazine about all things Mario. Bob Guccione, Jr., son of the Penthouse publisher, is bringing out Mario’s behind the scenes magazine. The first issue launched last week according to The Independent, and is available at Mario’s restaurants.

Publishing your own magazine seems to be the hot trend. Jamie Oliver has one, so do plenty of TV-food hosts like Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, and the Bocuse D’Or Magazine that focuses on Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulud (see “Bocuse D’Or USA Magazine and Labor Day Weekend”).

The Independent does not spell out who is funding the magazine (a bi-monthly, 24-page free to his customers), but it does suggest that Guccione has more up his sleeve:

Guccione, a food lover, is also working on a larger national food publication concept as well as a luxury travel site, yet to be named, with partner Melanie Brandman, president of The Brandman Agency, a luxury and lifestyle PR firm

The magazine is not yet available as a digital download, though that would seem to reach more potential customers – and it would be cheaper and more eco-friendly.

Just how many restaurants, products, and TV shows do you need to get a magazine or fund one?

How many chefs have enough to join the ranks of publishing chefs?

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