Jamie Oliver: I am Nikon

Life is fleeting, food is fleeting, and yet it is possible to capture both. Food memories are one way, and photography is the other. Great food photographers are sought after by chefs – and with good reason. They can enhance a cookbook, while educating and creating art themselves. But what happens when chefs take up photography?

Evidently camera companies have caught on – at least to the extent that chefs are now marketing cameras. Jamie Oliver is in the latest I AM Nikon advertising campaign for the new D3100 camera. Here is what Nikon says about the D3100:

The D3100 is the successor to Europe’s best selling D-SLR, the D3000. Great for families, its popular Guide mode lets you capture those special moments in perfect quality whilst also helping you learn photography skills to get the most from your D-SLR. It features 14.2 megapixels, full HD movie and comes in a compact, lightweight but tough body so it is easy to carry around too.

The point of including Jamie is to show that anyone can cook – (or take a good picture with the D3100) – but learn how to cook well (or photography well) means you’ll be able to take even better shots – or make even better food – and understand why it works.

Here he discusses how cooking and photography are alike:


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