James Beard Foundation Leadership Awards

James Beard was a visionary, so it is appropriate that his foundation recognize vision in others. The inaugural James Beard Foundation Leadership Awards will be handed out on October 12 at a ceremony and dinner prepared by Michel Nischan and Anne Quatrano during the second annual James Beard Foundation Food Conference.

What exactly is vision?

According to Susan Ungaro, President of the James Beard Foundation:

Our new Leadership Awards shine the spotlight on game-changing pioneers who have inspired positive action to improve our country’s food system.

The honorees include farm activist Will Allen, Bon Appetit CEO Fedele Bauccio, FoodCorp’s Debra Eschmeyer, Costco’s Sheri Flies, Unilever’s Jan Kees Vis, Stone Barns Center ‘s Fred Kirschenmann, First Lady Michelle Obama, Author Janet Poppendieck, Alice Waters, and Sysco’s Craig Watson.

The conference will focus on “Sustainability on the Table: How Money and Media Influence the Way America Eats.” All the honorees have made huge contributions to How America Eats, and Super Chef is eager to hear what they have to saw about “money and media”.

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