Holiday Gifts: Quirky in the Kitchen

Quirky, with Ben Kaufman

Have you had one of those light bulbs go off in your head when you think of the perfect invention?

That’s just what Quirky is all about – capturing those terrific ideas, designing them well, and bringing them to market with deft speed. Super Chef looked over the Quirky collection for holiday gifts for foodies:

  • Pivot Power: It’s a pivoting surge protector — a power strip that allows for bulky European converters — perfect for the kitchen, if you’ve bought a few foreign cooking gadgets or you want your thermal immersion circulator, pressure cooker, and food dehydrator to share the same outlet.
  • Grip Grater: Super Chef still loves Microplane’s Classic Zester/Grater: if you have more to grate and don’t want your ingredients flying around the kitchen, then the Grip Grater with its interchangeable plates is hard to beat. The contraption has folding handles that fit over a bowl, so whatever you are grating falls directly below. If you want to grate over a cutting board, the handles fold back so that you can grip them, not grate your own skin.
  • Portion: Measure & Mix: Use your measuring spoons to stir your sauce. This handy, long-handled spoon doubles (or triples) as measuring spoon and cup measure. Indentations indicate ½ teaspoon to 2 tablespoons and the handle holds ¼ cup. Less to clean and fun to use.

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