Martha Stewart: Thanksgiving Hotline Recipes

Martha Stewart and turkey

Chefs give away recipes all the time – to journalists writing articles, to fundraising cookbooks, and online on their websites. Why? Because they have plenty more recipes, and recipes are a great marketing tool – its fun to try a recipe out, but it’s also fun to have a chef make it for you.

But they don’t usually give away a whole book, especially right before Thanksgiving. Martha Stewart is doing just that. The Martha Stewart Living Radio Thanksgiving Hotline Recipes 2011 is a free download.

It is part of a Thanksgiving Martha Stewart Living Radio’s fifth Annual Thanksgiving Hotline, live, Monday, November 21 through Wednesday, November 23. The idea is that will lure you to sign up for SiriusXM after trying this call in service.

As for the cookbook, it is full of recipes from guest chefs, as well as Martha and Emeril Lagasse. Gougeres with Espelette from Daniel Boulud would make a great appetizer, or Beer-Brined, Smoked Catfish Spread from Elizabeth Karmel. There are a handful of turkey recipes, but also several for duck lamb, and Cornish game hens. The unusual side dishes include Michel Nischan‘s Black Barley and Autumn Vegetables, Bill Telepan‘s Cauliflower with Shell Beans and Herb Oil, and Gale Gand‘s Parmesan Black Pepper Biscuits.

Click here to download.

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