Holiday Gifts: Home Aquaponcs Garden

 Home Aquaponics Garden Kit

What if you could find a foodie gift that is not only perfect for Christmas or Chanukah, but also for New Year’ resolutions? A gift that won’t make you fat?

The Home Aquaponics Garden Kit is a self-cleaning fish aquarium that uses fish waste as an organic fertilizer for the plants above – and the plants, in turn, clean water for the fish! It’s a closed-loop ecosystem that fits right on your kitchen counter and that lets you sustainably grow fresh herbs and baby greens – no need for chemical fertilizers or even watering the plants!

The Aquaponics Garden is the brainchild of Back to the Roots duo, Alejandro Velez & Nikhil Arora, who came out with Mushroom Kits (see Foodiacs: Back to the Roots Mushroom Kits for Kids). The aquarium lets you (and your kids) watch tropical fish, while the fish help plants grow right through the winter. All you do is add a few fish and start growing your plants. There is no soil – the plants grow on pebbles. There is no messy fish tank to clean – the plants keep the system clean for you. Have fun feeding your fish a bit of fish food, and collecting the fresh basil, thyme, chives, or whatever you choose to grow.

The kits are available on Kickstarter now. Click here to find out more and get an extra one for your kid’s classroom.

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