Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit from CapaBunga

Capabunga ultimate wine preservation kits

You open a good bottle of wine for dinner, and somehow you don’t finish it.

What do you do with the rest?

You could pump it and put one of those rubbery stoppers in. Chances are it will last a day or two, but somehow the pumping takes out all the wonderful aroma of the wine, and it never tastes remotely like that first sip.

What else can you do?

You could spray in some Wine Preserve and cap it with a CapaBunga. These nifty caps hold in inert gas and keep the wine remarkably drinkable for days or longer.

Super Chef tried out the Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit. The kit comes with three black CapaBunga silicone caps and a large can of Wine Preserve. First you put one of the very thin straws that come with the can into the nozzle (rather like the kind that come with WD40). Then, put the straw down the bottle’s neck, and spray one long and three short bursts of wine preserve into the bottle. Quickly and firmly put on one of the CapaBungas to prevent the gas from escaping. Now, just store the bottle upright and remove the CapaBunga when you are ready for another glass.

Do you need the Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit?

Sure, you do. If you drink wine, or give it as a gift, getting an Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit makes a lot of sense. Why pour good wine down the drain – or drink up more than you really want?

The can is good for resealing your wine 120 times. And the gas?

Made of a combination of Argon, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide, these inert gases combine to blanket the surface of an open bottle of wine thereby protecting it from the oxygen that is so important during winemaking, but damaging after a bottle is opened.

CapaBungas are the brainchild of husband and wife team of Walt Averill and Maire Murphy, who created the silicone caps (with or without catchy slogans on them) in 2012.

The Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit would make a great gift to go with that expensive bottle of wine you are bringing for a country weekend.

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