Valentine’s Day: Victoria Amory for Fondue Bourguignonne

Victoria Amory
Condiments Collection by Victoria Amory

Valentine’s Day dinner: Fondue Bourguignonne. Tender pieces of beef skewered and dipped in hot oil, cooked in seconds, smothered in tasty sauce, and shared between you and your love. Each bite is a new flavor, each morsel of beef is a kiss.

Maybe love is measured in how many dipping sauces you can produce for Fondue Bourguignonne. But nothing says you have to make the sauces yourself.

Turn to expert Victoria Amory who has just launched her Victoria Amory & Co. collection of sauces. She grew up in Madrid, the daughter of the Count and Countess de la Maza, and her sauces are inspired by Mediterranean flavors. Super Chef was inspired by the collection, including:

Fine Herb Mayonnaise
Roasted GarlicVi Mayonnaise
Classic Lemon Mayonnaise
Champagne Ketchup
Sherry Ketchup
Spokey BBQ Ketchup
Green Chili Piri Piri
Red Chili Piri Piri
Almond & Garlic Romesco Sauce

The garlic in each sauce is like adding aioli, while the sherry and champagne vinegars give balance and acidity. Super Chef especially like the Almond & Garlic Romesco Sauce for dipping broccoli flowers and asparagus tips.

These are terrific sauces to have in your pantry to spice up a burger or a piece of fish – but get out that fondue pot and have some fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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