Father’s Day: BBQ Dragon

BBQ Dragon

No matter how great your meat or fish is, you aren’t going to eat great ‘cue or grill it to perfection if your wood or charcoal won’t light – or if it just takes too long.

With the first warm days of spring upon us – at least some of us – Super Chef took out the BBQ Dragon, the fire supercharger, for a test spin.

Fires need oxygen – air – to get going. Whether you use a charcoal chimney or just lay out your coals or wood, they need air flow to get red hot.

Instead of using bellows, blowing, or fanning, the BBQ Dragon fans air exactly where it is needed, fueling the fire efficiently.

It is battery-powered and micro-USB rechargeable so you can be doing other things than fanning the coals. It has a solid clamp that holds the BBQ Dragon at the right angle. It can be used to get a smoker going, re-ignite coals, or get a stubborn fire going in your fireplace.

Best of all, it is fast! The company claims it gets a grill ready in under 10 minutes – and that’s true. Better get your prep work done quickly!

So, if you’re in the market for a gift for the BBQ commander-in-chief on Father’s Day, the BBQ Dragon might make a timely gift.

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