Bayona: Downton Abbey Dinner

Downton Abbey dinner menu from Bayonna

Lucky for fans of Downton Abbey that Bayona‘s Susan Spicer‘ partner, Regina Keever, is also a big fan. She came up with the idea of a Downton Abbey dinner at the restaurant.

What fun!

After all, New Orleans is a city of brimming with history, drama, and costumes (think Mardi Gras). According to Bayona’s Beth Sherwood, “In addition, our historic French Quarter setting easily lends itself to transporting one to another time and place. As far as the timing, it has less to do with the series’ plotline than simply being a practical timeslot for us to host the event: the show is midway through the season, so interest is high; it’s after Mardi Gras and before French Quarter Fest, so there are not a lot of scheduling conflicts; and, simply, the weather is generally quite lovely this time of year, so guests can enjoy the champagne and hors d’Oeuvres in the courtyard prior to dinner.” How many reasons do you need to be transported to another time and place to eat glorious food in exquisite surroundings? Who knows, maybe Lady Cora will stop by for a bite, or perhaps her American mother?

Here is the menu:

Downton Abbey Dinner Menu
Tuesday, Wednesday – March 25 & 26

Hors d’Oeuvres:
1) Devils on Horseback
2) Deviled Ham
3) Angels on Horseback

• “Fish and Chips” with Peas, Courgettes, Chervil and Malt Vinegar
• Prawn and Crayfish Cream Soup
• “Dry” Mulligatawny of Confit Chicken
• Roast Rack of Lamb with Yorkshire Pudding, Parsnips and Mint Jelly

• Eccles Cake with Lancashire Cheese and Chamomile Honey

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