Chef Hunting: Recruiter Tips

Chris Floyd and Dan Danhi

Here are tips from Chris Floyd of Capital Restaurant Resources on resumes (see main article,Chef Hunting: Jobs):

I don’t care about bells and whistles on resumes. I want to know where you worked and how long. I am looking for longevity. I focus on gaps. We reformat everyone’s resume. We want facts. Pictures do say a great deal about who you are and where you have worked. It is helpful if candidates has a portfolio online or in hard format. Make sure that images are high quality. I don’t want to see a wedding buffet. Better to have 12 nice photos over 100 mediocre ones. References are really important. We check your references. We’ll check jobs you don’t give references for. Don’t burn bridges in this industry – it’s too small.

Tips from Dave Danhi of dd factor:

Two page resumes are fine. 10 years are good. Don’t spend $200, just be concise, because it’s a cattle call. They need to know who you are, what your skill are, not all your awards. Keep it short and sweet. It is not a place to display your culinary ego.

(See main article,Chef Hunting: Jobs)

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