Chicago Cutlery: Play with Your Cheese

“How do you sell knives?”

The same way you sell Legos.

The National Building Museum has a fun exhibit of architectural monuments made out of Legos.

“But you can’t eat Legos!”

Ah, but you can cut cheese with knives…

So, Chicago Cutlery teamed up with Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard to market their knives in Canada. Stephanie helped lead a competition in Toronto on October 14th between Canadian and US design students to sculpt architectural monuments from cheese.

Cheese, unlike Legos, can be cut into practically any shape. (Color is another matter.) The competition was all about finding out who has the “sharpest” skills – but it was really an opportunity to show off Chicago Cutlery knives – while have fun playing with food.

Team USA from Kendall College and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago created the Seattle Space Needle, the Washington Monument and the Willis Tower.

Team Canada from OCAD – the Ontario College of Art and Design built the CN Tower and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Team USA won.

Stephanie presented them with Chicago Cutlery knives.

All the students learned something, too, as they carved some tasty-looking buildings.

They found out that cheese tastes better than Legos.

Meantime, Super Chef tried out a couple of the knives.

We found:

  • Fusion Forged 5″ Utility knife: Practical, versatile, and well-balanced knife with nifty black “Comfort Grip” handle that makes for easy holding
  • Santoku 6.75″ Landmark Forged knife: Fairly light for such a large knife, so more forgiving when cutting lots of food (roast, Thanksgiving turkey), with black, no-slip grip to minimize accidents

Both carve cheese very well, too.

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