Todd Gray: Building a Brand with Glutino

You are a chef who is expanding.

You seek creative ways to increase your media presence, enhance your brand, and maybe make some extra consulting fees.

What do you do?

Let’s take a look at Chef Todd Gray.

He is expanding from his Washington, DC, base (see Todd Gray: Fishing Lodge Cap Cana) and is now ready to increase his media presence. He has latched onto a culinary trend and niche market that will do just that: Gluten Free Food. He is careful to choose a good product with a media event that ties in to another hot trend: food trucks.

Todd teamed up with Sauca Food Truck to offer free sandwiches prepared with Genius, a gluten-free bread from Glutino on Friday, Sept 30 in Washington.

The event also coincides with the final days of public comment on the FDA’s gluten-free food labeling ruling. The FDA.s proposed ruling will help create a uniform and enforceable definition of gluten-free food labeling, an important step for the safety of those eating gluten-free.

Super Chef asked Todd to fill us in on how the event came about:

Super Chef: How did you get involved with this product?
Todd Gray: We were contacted by the company representatives to see if we would like to contribute a recipe using their new Genius by Glutino bread. The brand sent us a sample and we loved it.

Super Chef: Why is gluten-free important to you?
Todd: It’s such a growing demand – gluten free – so it’s great to have dependable products in house that we can trust are gluten free – I will always keep some on hand for those diners – it freezes well too!!

Super Chef: I am surprised you chose a “white” bread. Why? What about whole grains, or a traditional rye/pumpernickel?
Todd: White bread is awesome and has many applications beyond the classic sandwich so I can use it in many more dishes that call for traditional breads from croutons to breaded dishes to bread crumbs.

Super Chef: Also, the only ingredient that I was surprised with was inverted sugar. Why is it in the bread? I would have thought a pastrami sandwich shouldn’t be on a sweet bread.
From Glutino directly – Sugar is a common ingredient found in most breads. Inverted sugar is a liquid form that is often used for baking. The amount of sugar in the bread does not give the bread sweetness.

Meantime, here is a gluten-free treat from Todd Gray.

RECIPE: Chef Todd Gray’s Mini Pastrami Reuben with Spicy Russian Dressing

8 slices Genius by Glutino White Sandwich Bread
½ lb sliced Pastrami
1 c jarred Sauerkraut
16 slices Swiss cheese

Assemble sandwiches and cook on a Panini press until cheese is melting and bread is well toasted.

RECIPE: Spicy Russian Dressing:
1 c Mayonnaise
1 tbs Sour Cream
¼ c Ketchup
4 Cornichon Pickles, small diced
To taste Salt and Pepper
1 tbs Green Onion, finely chopped
1 tsp Tabasco Sauce

Combine all ingredients, mix very well. Keep refrigerated.


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