ICC and Gallup: Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills

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The book, Super Chef was an investigation of six chefs as entrepreneurs. None of the six had had specific business training or classes, and yet all of them are successful because they recognized that being an entrepreneur was an integral part of their success — not just the fact that they could cook well.

Dorothy Cann Hamilton of the The International Culinary Center (ICC) and Gallup recently announced in a press release that they would:

launch a new, research-based assessment of entrepreneurial talent as part of the identification and training of culinary students. This pioneering initiative will help demonstrate – in a scientifically-based fashion – that chefs are more likely to succeed when their culinary skills and training are combined with entrepreneurial empowerment as early in their career as possible.

Ask that question of any of the six chefs in the book – Wolfgang Puck, Charlie Palmer, Todd English, Mary Sue Milliken, Susan Feniger, and Tom Colicchio – and you would, no doubt, hear a loud “yes.” Careers of chefs like Rocco Di Spirito, who has a business degree, argue for increased entrepreneurial preparation and training.

The ICC’s program will be launched with $3 million in scholarships. The aim is to identify and assess entrepreneurial talent in culinary students. Then the program will provide training for future entrepreneurs and all students. “Utilizing Gallup’s scientifically-validated tools for launching and growing new restaurant businesses, the program will not only help culinary students understand their entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses but also educate them on how to build productive partnerships, drive customer engagement, and contribute to their communities.” As long as this program really does grow in both scope and depth, it will deliver important tools to help future chefs grow.

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  1. Simon Calls says:

    Wow, that’s great! Thanks for posting this. I hope the entrepreneurial talent coming from this program checks out culintro.com. It’s a great resource for young talent on the job hunt, as well as for those with more experience.

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