Valentine’s Day: Constellation Chocolates

Constellation Chocolates

Ordinary chocolates won’t do if you are planning to impress your Valentine with an underlying message of your inner desirability. But good chocolate is irresistible, so how do you get the right message across? Support the important mission of Share Our Strength by buying a box (or more) of the Constellation Chocolate Collection. Inside this express-delivered box are 28 chocolates made by the artisan chocolatiers of Ten Michelin-starred chefs. Taste them one by one and then decide where you’ll be taking your sweetheart for that next special meal. All the profits from the sale of this collection go to helping end child hunger in America.

The Constellation Chocolate Collection includes chocolates from these chefs and their chocolatiers:
* Thomas Keller, Milton Abel
* Corey Lee, Courtney Schmidig
* Dominique Crenn, Juan Contreras
* Gary Danko, Lisa Vega
* Matthew Accarrino
* Mourad Lahlou, Melissa Chou
* Michael Mina, Lincoln Carson
* Michael Tusk, Devin McDavid
* Nancy Oakes, Lisa Lu
* Roland Passot, Mie Uchida

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