Stöger European Cold Pressed Seed Oil

Stöger Oils

What can you add to an already perfect bowl of pumpkin soup?

A swirl of pumpkin seed oil.

What about that those tomatoes surrounding Daniel Boulud’s Poulet a L’Estragon?

A drop or two of tomato seed oil.

Looking to add yet another note of complexity, Super Chef tried a sample of Stöger’s 100% Pure European Cold Pressed Seed Oil. The oils are made by the Stöger Family in an Austrian near Vienna. The oils: Organic Pumpkin Seed, Cherry Seed, Chile Seed and Tomato Seed, are stunning in hue. The Cherry is a deep saffron yellow, the Chile is naturally deep red, the Pumpkin is a burnished purple, and the tomato is a light orange. Dip a piece of bread into each to taste – but then use them in savory and sweet dishes, to accompany a piece of cheese, enliven pasta, or to create complexity of hot spice. Super Chef’s favorites? The Pumpkin! It captures the flavors of Fall: baking, sweet, cinnamon, and savory, and yet completely pumpkin.

Bring a box of oils to your next dinner party with a baguette and have fun tasting the depths of oil.

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