Anthony Bourdain & Eric Ripert: Turn and Burn

Food Radio is not new. There are plenty of shows about recipes, restaurants, chefs, and food books. And yet, can a radio show relying solely on sound, capture the allure of food?

If the radio show is hosted by Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert, it will definitely capture something alluring, though not necessarily edible.

Their new show on Sirius XM‘s Martha Stewart Living Radio, Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert: Turn & Burn, will run for five weeks, starting February 18, 2010.

Like Cooking with Emeril and Ask Martha, Tony and Eric will take calls from listeners, and interview guests like Mario Batali on the premier show today (February 18th).

This is unlikely to be a kid-friendly, maybe not even adult-friendly show–in case you don’t know the restaurant turn “turn and burn.”

Tony told the AP :

We’re going to challenge each other to describe in as purple a language as possible some food we’ve had. I’m trying to see whether we can expand the food porn genre into radio. And I think we can do it.

The idea is to make Eric uncomfortable, and presumably not the audience.

Is there such thing as too much bad boy Bourdain?

Then again, maybe audiences will learn to crave a little more “Mr. Nice Guy” from people like Ripert.

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