Michelle Obama: Let’s Move

Super Chef applauds First Lady Michelle Obama‘s new campaign to fight childhood obesity: Let’s Move.

Highlights of this new initiative include:

  • The FDA will work with foodmakers to make labels more “customer friendly.” The beverage industry will start putting calorie information on the front of its products.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics will encourage doctors to monitor children’s body mass index, a calculation of height and weight used to measure body fat.
  • The Obama administration will ask Congress to spend $10 billion over the next decade to give schools more money to serve healthier food.
  • $400 million in tax breaks will be proposed to encourage grocery stores to move into “food deserts,” areas with little access to nutritious food.
  • Children will be encouraged to exercise an hour a day.

This online magazine has supported similar efforts, such as Jamie Oliver‘s campaign in the UK and the US, Christopher Kimball‘s Parents Against Obesity, and other chefs’ campaigns in America. We have also published reviews of cookbooks and picture books that encourage children to eat healthy foods, including Anne Fletcher‘s Weight Loss Confidential.

Super Chef calls on all chefs to continue to participate in efforts to reduce childhood obesity by providing healthier kid’s meals at their restaurants, participating in their own children’s schools — and continuing to support campaigns against hunger in America. Just as obesity is growing, so too is hunger.

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  1. I like it when she called her kids fat.

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