Tom Colicchio: Topping Rose House

Tom Colicchio by Bill Bettencourt

Maybe it is time to change the definition of Super Chef and add hotel owner.

Many celebrity chefs in Europe have hotels attached to their restaurants. Think of Alain Ducasse, Bernard Loiseau, and other auberge and relais. Many are restaurant on main highways where guest would stop for a meal and a night’s rest before continuing to the seaside or another location – or just on a great restaurant tour.

In the US, Charlie Palmer has one and other chefs have toyed with the idea.

And now Tom Colicchio will be opening his first hotel at the Topping Rose House in Bridgehamton, L. I. with a restaurant and 22 rooms with spa, according to Crain’s and The New York Times.

Tom is smart – he always partners with people who can help him manage his ever-expanding portfolio. This time he has tapped veteran hotelier Jeff Morgan to be the property manager.

Now, what about an Emeril hotel or a Wolfgang Puck hotel?

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